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doula pós-parto

The postnatal period is a very delicate moment, when your hormones are all over the place, added to sleep deprivation, birth recovery, adjusting to nursing and getting to know your newborn. It is absolutely normal to struggle and need help.

As a postnatal doula, I will support you at home after you give birth, with flexible hours and tasks to suit best the family's routine. Each support is different from the other, because each new-mum has different needs.

Here is a list of possible tasks and postnatal support I can provide:


  • Guidance with baby's routine: bathing, changing nappies, feeding support, baby's development, etc.

  • Birth debrief (if wanted)

  • Being a listener, a non-judgmental friendly person

  • Household tasks: laundry, cooking, ironing, light housekeeping tasks, small grocery shopping

  • Accompany you and baby to any appointments or walks

  • School runs

  • Siblings' care




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