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  • "I found Rosana when I was almost 41 weeks pregnant, because I decided I wanted a doula. When I found her, I felt ready. My baby was born 3 days after I met her in a beautiful water birth, with no pain relief. Rosana is an incredible person, sweet, calm and with an innate ability to connect to people. Thank you very much, Rosana!" Katia 


  • "Rosana is a treasure. She somehow manages to balance being the sweetest, kindest, most genuine soul, with great determination and an ability to firmly keep you on your agreed birth plan path - and yet seamlessly swerve off if it's clear that you want to. This means she is never in the way, and you never feel manipulated into doing things you don't want to do, as you have full control. Rosana adapted completely to our wishes - she took on board that I didn't respond well to certain phrases, and that I wasn't looking to be "empowered" during my labour, but simply to get through it as best as possible, and she made it her mission to help us in every way imaginable. We wish Rosana the very best with her chosen career as a doula - she is absolutely made for it." Mary


  • "I would like to thank Rosana for being supportive throughout my pregnancy and especially during a very quick birth of my son. I felt safe and secure having her around during my home birth. She was spectacular and managed beautifully to deliver my baby while the midwife was still on her way. I’m not sure how it would all happened without her assistance. I’m immensely grateful for finding the perfect doula who supported each of my choice in creating the perfect birth plan. Thank you again, Rosana! PS: If we are blessed with a baby again, we would like you to be our doula for a second time. x" Laura


  • "Partner here talking - quite apart from all the useful practical guidance Rosana gave the both of us during pregnancy, it was extremely helpful to have Rosana in the delivery room for emotional support as well as suggesting things we could try to ease my wife's discomfort. No woman in labour should be without a Rosana!" James


  • "We first chose her because she speaks our first language, which made us more secure to learn about labour in the UK, when compared to Brazil. However, after all, we met a professional, calm and helpful doula who managed to help us to go through the process of labour and her empathy and ability to support us were really important to help us cope with the intensity of labour." Helen


  • "Rosana is a very warm, caring, intuitive person, with great emotional intelligence. She is confident and comfortable in her skin, and through her multiple vocations she is clearly inspired to help other people feel the same way. But at the same time, she is also incredibly professional and pragmatic. This is a great combination and will take her far! Before the birth, she was prepared with a lot of different resources to help me understand the process of birth as well as the different types of support that she could provide to help ease my discomfort during labour. And during the process of labour she offered assistance in a completely nonintrusive, responsive way; she observed me carefully and could quickly gauge if I was benefitting from whatever form of support she offered and responded accordingly." Rachel


  • "Rosana was my online doula, because we didn't live in the same city. We spoke on skype for long hours and when I went into labour she was able to calm me down even through the phone. When I was in hospital, I could hear her words in my head, with a calm voice, as if she was right there standing next to me. She taught me how to breath during contractions and this was extremely important! I managed to have a normal birth and to stay calm the whole time. I would have loved to have her there with me in person if we lived in the same city. I definitely recommend Rosana as a doula to all expectant couples. Thank you, Rosana!" Gisele 

baby massage:

  • "It would be amazing if every mother could have access to this massage as a gift to their children - we would have a better and more loving world" Ana 


  • ​"Rosana is very pacient and organised, which helps the group to be in harmony" Sandra​


  • "What I liked most was that the classes allowed me a differentiated moment with my daughter. A moment of pleasure, discoveries and new experiences. I learned to look at my daughter's body from a different angle, being able to bring to daily care a differentiated attention..." "It was also very nice and interesting to attend group classes. It was very important to me being able to share with other mothers" Marina


  • I felt very welcomed right from the beginning. The instructor is a very sweet and confident woman. The perfect combination!" Joice


  • ​ "What I liked most was the interaction with the group and to observe the behavioural changes in my baby" Luana

  • "My baby and I really enjoyed baby massage. Rosana's instructions were clear and easy to learn. It was a lovely environment. I especially enjoyed the ice breakers and chat about common baby themes. An informal and amazing course. I would definitely recommend it." Shivani


  • "Rosana is a kind and sweet instructor, making us all feel very comfortable. We had a great time attending the classes, getting to know how to massage our babies." Amanda

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